Shikun & Binui Incorporated, which is part of the Arison Group, is Israel's leading infrastructure and real estate group. The group's companies operate since 1924. The group is highly experienced in the development of large and complex construction and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad. The group's achievements include many construction, commercial and infrastructure projects. The group is also involved in clean energy projects. Shikun & Binui is a leading business multi-tasking group that brings together social responsibility with commercial and environmental development. The group took upon itself to lead advanced, sustainable development of living environments. 
The group's vision is to become a leading business group in local and global sustainable development
The company is comitted to sustainable development. As part of this commitment, the company is involved in projects built according to sustainability guidelines in a variety of ways, including advanced sustainability construction standards, beyond those required by law, increased involvement in green energy projects, an emphasis on transparency, innovativeness and excellence and the ongoing study of sustainability among all the company's employees.
The company's outstanding local and global success and the rich technical knowledge it has acquired lead to expand beyond its traditional areas of expertise. As multi-national construction becomes ever-more competitive, the company offers its services and capabilities in new markets. The experience and reputation gained by the company in projects' initiation have led to its involvement in projects in different countries, many of them funded by the World Bank and other global financial institutes. The global trend of investing in quality and excellence was adopted by the group and is part of its strategic policy.