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Welcome to the website (the “Website”) of Shikun & Binui Real Estate Ltd., part of Shikun & Binui Group (“Shikun & Binui” or the “Company”). Use of the Website, the content contained in it and the services offered through it, is subject to the terms of use and Privacy Policy set forth below (the “Terms of Use”), and to additional provisions by Shikun & Binui, as stated on the Website.

The Terms of Use below specify the restrictions and conditions under which Shikun & Binui offers use of the Website and the Services offered through it (the “Services”). If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or any part of them, then you may not use the Website and/or the Services for any purpose.

1.General Information

1.1 Through the Website, customers can enter a personal area that provides easy access for viewing, tracking and managing data regarding the purchase of the apartment. The Website also includes various service interfaces available to the customer, such as e-mail confirmation of receipt of a digital invoice, sending messages to the Company and the possibility of uploading documents.

1.2 Access to the personal area of the Website is done by means of an access permit that includes a user name and password assigned to each user personally, and subject to the Company's discretion. The Company reserves the right to suspend, block, or revoke access to a user who acted in violation of the Terms of Use or the Company's procedures.

1.3 You undertake not to use any other user's access permits and not to transfer or share your access permits with other users. You undertake to keep your access permits confidential and secure.

2.Prohibited Uses

2.1 You undertake to make fair and reasonable use of the Website and the Services and not to make any use that harms the Website and/or other users and their ability to use the Website and the Services. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, you undertake that you will not:

2.2 Send any type of computer code or virus designed to destroy, interrupt, sabotage or limit the use of the Website.

2.3 Run any computer application or other means to search, scan, copy, or automatically retrieve content from the Website. In this respect, it is forbidden to create or to use such means to create a compilation, collection or database containing content from the Website.

2.4 Infringe the rights of third parties, in any way, including infringement of privacy, intellectual property rights or any other right.

2.5 Display contents from the Website in any manner whatsoever, including through any software, device, accessory or communication protocol that changes their design on the Website or removes any content from it, including commercial or advertising content.

2.6 Upload to the Website any content that is illegal, offensive, infringes the rights of another user or a third party, or content that you are not authorized to upload or transfer to the Company.


3.Intellectual Property 

3.1 Any information and/or content and/or images and/or video clips appearing on the Website, including texts, graphics, design, trademarks, logos, etc., including their editing and presentation on the Website, are under the exclusive ownership of Shikun & Binui.

3.2 You undertake not to copy, publish, reproduce, modify, download, publicly display, process, reverse engineer, create derivative works, sell, rent, distribute, transmit, print, create a database of the content appearing on the Website, change or provide to a third party, any part of the Website, the content and the Services contained therein, or in any other way violate the rights of Shikun & Binui, including the intellectual property rights of Shikun & Binui in the Website and its content.


 4.Limitation of Liability

4.1 Use of the Website and any other activity on the Website are under the sole and full responsibility of the user. Use of the Website and the content provided to users through the Website are provided ‘as is’ and without warranty of any kind. Any use of the Website or reliance on the content or Services, if any, offered on the Website will therefore be under the exclusive and full responsibility of the user.

4.2 Shikun & Binui shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any damage, loss or harm of any kind in connection with the Website and/or the contents appearing on the Website and/or the various Services offered on the Website, or in connection with any action performed by you as a result of or in connection with the Website. Shikun & Binui shall not be liable to you for damages resulting from interruptions, stops, disconnections, malfunctions or breakdowns of the Website and/or the Services.

5.Privacy Policy

  • You are not required by law to provide us with any personal information. Your sharing of personal information on the Website is according to your own free will and consent.
  • Our Services are intended for users over 18 years of age. Minors under this age are not allowed to subscribe to the Services or use them.
  • You have the right to review the personal information processed about you in the Company. You may request to review this information and, in certain circumstances, request that it be modified or deleted in accordance with the law.
  • We do not sell personal information about our users to third parties. We transmit personal information to third parties only as part of the provision of the Services to our users, or in limited circumstances detailed below.

5.1 If you have any questions or requests regarding your personal information, please e-mail us at:

5.2 Your privacy is important to us. Please read this policy carefully and make sure that it is acceptable to you. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, then you must cease using the Shikun & Binui Website and refrain from providing us with personal information about you.

5.3 Please note that the Website may contain links to third party websites and Services that are not subject to this policy. You should review the privacy policies of those third parties before providing them with any personal information.

5.4 We collect certain information such as IP address, device model, operating system, and other technical data that identifies the device through which you have connected to the Services. Shikun & Binui also collects anonymous and statistical information in connection with the use of the Website and the Services, including user conduct on the Website, the pages that were viewed, sharing on social networks, etc. Shikun & Binui may get assistance from third party services in this context, including Google Analytics. Such information will not personally identify you.

5.5 We use cookies (small text files stored in the user's browser) and other similar technologies for collecting statistical data. You can set up your browser at any time to block these files, but blocking may prevent us from providing you with any or all of the Services. These technologies help us monitor how users use our Services, and collect aggregated statistical information.

5.6 In addition, if you send Shikun & Binui documents containing personal information through the customer personal area, we will collect this information as part of providing the Company's Services. This information may include contact details, bank account information, etc.

5.7 If you have authorized receipt of a digital invoice by e-mail from Shikun & Binui, we collect the information you provided as part of this authorization.

5.8 We do not knowingly collect or process sensitive personal information, such as information about religious affiliation, intimate matters, medical information, etc. If you believe that sensitive personal information has been forwarded to us in error, please let us know immediately.

5.9 Use of the information collected will be done only in accordance with this Privacy Policy and/or under the provisions of any law, inter alia, for the following purposes:

5.9.1 In order to allow you to make use of the Website and the Services and to improve your user experience.

5.9.2 The operation, change, development, improvement and enrichment of the Website and the Services and to improve the activities and services of Shikun & Binui.

5.9.3 Detection and prevention of viruses, prohibited uses of the Website, fraud or other violations of the Terms of Use or any law.

5.9.4 For the purpose of providing information and managing the apartment purchase data, by Shikun & Binui, such as producing invoices and monitoring payments in the purchase of the apartment, and more, offered by Shikun & Binui.

5.9.5 If you have authorized receipt of a digital invoice by e-mail from Shikun & Binui and/or if you have contacted the Company by e-mail, we will use the information you provided in these e-mails.

5.9.6 For any other purpose specified in this policy.

5.10 From time to time, we may publish or share with third parties, including suppliers and advertisers, statistical information about the use of the Website and the Services. This information will not personally identify users.

5.11 In addition to the above, we may transfer personal information to third parties in the following cases:

5.11.1 If a judicial order is issued instructing us to provide information collected by us;

5.11.2 In any case where we believe that providing the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the user, to a third party or to Shikun & Binui;

5.11.3 In cases of violation of the Terms of Use or committing on the Website acts that are contrary to the law and/or are deemed to be contrary to the law and/or attempts to commit such acts;

5.11.4 In any dispute, legal action, claim, demand or legal proceedings, if there be any, with Shikun & Binui.

5.12 Shikun & Binui operates accepted information security systems and procedures, designed to reduce the risks of unauthorized penetration and enable protection of the information collected by Shikun & Binui. However, these systems and procedures do not provide absolute security and Shikun & Binui does not guarantee that its systems will be absolutely failsafe from unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

5.13 We retain personal information for the period required to fulfil the use objectives described in this Policy, to protect or defend rights and legal claims, to analyze and improve the Services and in accordance with applicable law. We may keep non-personal data and anonymous statistical data without limitation.

6.Marketing E-mails

6.1 If you choose to sign up for receiving e-mails from the Company, such as signing up for the newsletter, we will send you information and updates on Shikun & Binui activities. If you do not wish to receive such e-mails, you may at any time opt out and remove yourself from the mailing list by sending an e-mail to:


7.1 Shikun & Binui may assign and/or transfer and/or convert any or all of its rights hereunder.

7.2 The laws of Israel govern use of the Website and the Services and the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any matter relating to them is in the competent court in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

7.3 The Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, at Shikun & Binui's discretion and without prior notice. Shikun & Binui also reserves the right to change and to detract from the Services offered on the Website, their scope and availability and any other aspect related to them, without prior notice. We encourage you to revisit this page from time to time to keep abreast of the various changes.

7.4 In the event that any of these conditions is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, then the terms that are revoked or unenforceable shall be deemed to have been replaced by valid and enforceable terms, the content of which are as close as possible to the intention of the original terms and the remainder of the terms of the agreement shall remain in force.

7.5 Shikun & Binui strictly abides by the provisions of law and respects the rights of users of the Website and others. If you believe that content has been posted on the Website that is harmful to you and/or you are concerned that your Website access details have been compromised, then please contact us at the address provided below and we will try to deal with your issue as soon as possible.

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