Environmental Friendly Construction

As a strong real estate company that enjoys a constant growth, Shikun & Binui Real Estate leads the environmental friendly construction revolution in Israel. Shikun & Binui Real Estate designs and constructs environmental friendly neighborhoods across the country according to standard 5281 for environmental construction, for the current and future generation of residents.
As a part of the Shikun & Binui group, the company works according to the sustainability principals, and all of its projects are constructed according to environmental standards that provide quality structures and quality living for residents.

Environmental friendly construction demands meeting the standards of The Standards Institution of Israel, and is monitored by this institution.

Each environmental friendly structure receives an energy ranking. The ranking is based on energetic efficiency, from the highest ranking of A+ to the lowest ranking of F.

In Environmental Friendly Buildings, Residents Enjoy many Benifits:

Healthy Living. Using environmental friendly construction materials contributes to the resident's health and quality of living.
Saving Money. Smart climate design reduces the need to air conditioning. Other elements in the apartment's specs as central control of the electricity system and air conditioning or making the apartment ready for ceiling ventilators, allow for saving up to 20% in air conditioning expanses.

Protecting the Environment. Environmental construction reduces environmental influence to the minimum, and the saving of energy during the project reduces the air pollution involved.