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Hadera Park Dreams
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Hadera Park Dreams

Making your Dreams Come True


Project Location

Did you know that…
Did you know that…
The Olga Beach, Hadera's coastline, includes restaurants, water sport facilities and hotels.
Did you know that…
Did you know that…
The Mall Hahof Shopping center is currently being built at the commerce and industry area of the Energy Park.

The City and its Surroundings

Each city has its own unique surroundings, and here you can learn about Hadera

Explore the City



The city offers easy access to Route 4, and Route 9, which connects the eastern neighborhood of Hadera with the Route 6 highway, which opened recently.

Shopping malls

"Max" open-style shopping mall, located on the easter side of Hadera, offers a refreshing option for shopping and quality time.
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
חפציבה- שמורת טבע אותה מטפחת חברת החשמל-, עם טיילת ושולחנות פיקניק לבילוי משפחתי


Heftziba is a natural reserve maintained by the Electric Company, with a promenade and picnic tables for families.
בחדרה יש את רצועת הים , חוף אולגה , שהתפתחה מאד בשנים האחרונות מבחינת מסעדות ומלונות וספורט ימי

Shopping malls

Hadera's Olga Beach coastline saw rapid development in the past few years, with the opening of many restaurants, hotels and water sport facilities.
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
קניון מול החוף שבימים אלו מוקם- נבנה באזור של מסחר ותעשיה בפארק האנרגיה.

Shopping malls

The Mall Hahof shopping center is currently being built at the commerce and industry area of the Energy Park.
The City and its Surroundings
About the ProjectIllustration only

About the Project

Watch the video to get a taste of the project's experience
The project is located at the Park Hadera neighborhood, a lucrative neighborhood with over 2000 units, built in a compound which combines cottages with a condominium complex and offers a safe green environment, perfectly balancing buildings, open spaces, public and commerce buildings. All the community services will be available to the tenants in the near future: kindergartens, schools, a shopping center, an infirmary, a youth center and a synagogue. A swimming pool and a performance hall are within a walking distance.

Two different architects were chosen for designing the neighborhood's buildings, creating a variety of styles for families to choose from.

A wide variety of apartments is available, from 4-5 room apartments to garden apartments, mini-penthouses, penthouses in 6-story buildings and tall towers.
The project is built in a strategic location from which residents can get to Route 4 in less than 5 minutes, and the train station in less than 6 minutes away. The planned connection of the neighborhood with Route 9, leading directly to Route 4 and the Route 6 highway will provide easy access to any location in Israel.

Major Technical Specs

The company shall be legally bound solely by the specifications and plans specified in the sales contract signed by the company and purchaser. The elements mentioned here are not binding

Environmental Specs

  • Water supply cleaning system which reduces scale
  • Water savers in water taps
  • All bedrooms (except for safe spaces) are ceiling-ventilation ready
  • Environmental-friendly building materials
  • Isolating glass
  • Smart house system which controls entrance, guest room and dining room lighting, as well as the air conditioning and water-heating

Major Apartment Specs

  • Intercom with video screen at the apartment's entrance
  • Central air-conditioning ready
  • Phone and television hotspot in each room
  • Rolling electric shutter in the living room
  • 60*60 flooring all throughout the apartment, except for bathrooms, toilet and balconies
  • Lamination parquet floor at the parents' bedroom
  • Quality kitchen cupboard
  • Cesar Stone platform in the kitchen
  • Flat kitchen sink
  • Sink cupboard in the bathroom
  • Parking spot for each apartment
Major Technical Specs


If you've always dreamed of a big house with a big balcony for your family, our projects are for you. Each apartment is a high-quality structure which provides a great living environment.
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