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Pardes Hanna-Karkur Dreams
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Pardes Hanna-Karkur Dreams

Superb Living in a Thriving Community

Project Location

Did you know that…
Did you know that…
There are many shopping centers at the city and its surroundings, notably the ONE Center in Gan Shmuel and the BIG Center in Pardes Hanna

The City and its Surroundings

Each city has its own unique surroundings, and here you can learn about Pardes Hanna-Karkur

Explore the City

Pardes Hanna

זוכת פרס חינוך ארצי לשנת 2014 של משרד החינוך


Winner of the Ministry of Education's 2014 National Education Award
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תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה


Pardes Hanna offers easy access to Route 4, the Route 6 highway, and the Coast Road, and enjoys the services of a both a southern train line (to Tel Aviv) and a northern train line (to Haifa)
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תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה


There are many shopping centers at the city and its surroundings, such as the ONE Center in Gan Shmuel and the BIG Center in Pardes Hanna
אזור תעשיה קיסריה מאגד חברות גדולות בתחומי ההי טק, והקלין- טק


The Caesarea's industry zone populates large high-tec and clean-tec companies.

The City and its Surroundings
About the ProjectIllustration only

About the Project

Following the success of the Karkur Dreams project, Shikun & Binui Real Estate builds another high quality advanced project, located in an environmental-friendly neighborhood which offers excellent schools and features a wide variety of attractive shopping and entertainment facilities that await residents just a short drive away.

The project was built according to environmental standards and will include 8 buildings with a variety of 4-5 room apartments, mini penthouses and penthouses.

The Pardes Hanna-Karkur Dreams project is just 3 minutes drive from the center of the city, the train station and the Coast Road. It's 6 minutes drive from the Route 6 highway and 45 minutes drive from Tel Aviv

Major Technical Specs

The company shall be legally bound solely by the specifications and plans specified in the sales contract signed by the company and purchaser. The elements mentioned here are not binding

Environmental Specs

  • Isolating glass at the display windows and all other windows, except for windows at the safe space and bathrooms
  • Natural ventilation at the parking garage
  • Environmental-friendly gardening
  • Economic lighting in public areas
  • Water supply cleaning system which reduces scale
  • Water savers
  • Environmental-friendly building materials
  • Recycling room for three different kinds of trash
  • Each apartment's entrance is water-heater ready
  • Each bedroom is ceiling-ventilation ready, except for safe spaces
  • Lighting, air conditioning and electric water heating control panel at the entrance to the apartment

Major Apartment Specs

  • Intercom TV
  • Lamination parquet at parents' bedroom
  • Apartment is central mini air conditioning ready
  • Phone and television spots in each room
  • Electric shutter in the living room
  • 60*60 porcelain flooring in the living room, kitchen and passages
  • Bathroom cupboard
  • Upper and lower kitchen cupboard
  • Cesar Stone platform in the kitchen
  • Acrylic kitchen sink in flat installation, kitchen is dishwasher ready
  • Parking spot for each apartment
Major Technical Specs


If you've always dreamed of a big house with a big balcony for your family, our projects are for you. Each apartment is a high-quality structure which provides a great living environment.
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