Time Tower –The City Compound, Ramat Gan
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Time Tower –The City Compound, Ramat Gan

Overlooking Tel Aviv

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Did you know that…
Did you know that…
Ramat Gan is an environmental-friendly city encouraging many environmental initiatives.
Did you know that…
Did you know that…
No less than five higher education institutes operate in Ramat Gan

The City and its Surroundings

Each city has its own unique surroundings, and here you can learn about Ramat Gan

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Ramat Gan


The stock exchange compound offers a huge variety of entertainment and culinary experiences


The Ayalon highway, Tel-Aviv Center train station, and the future urban train are all easily accessible from Ramat Gan.
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The City and its Surroundings
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About the Project

The luxury tower is a part of a new and exclusive residential compound at the intimate, high-class Rishonim neighborhood in Ramat Gan, just across the stock exchange business compound and close to Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan's cultural centers. The Habima and Yahalom theatres, the Tel Aviv Museum and the Stage Performance Center, the Sarona compound, Rothschild Boulevard and Hayarkon Park are just a short distance from the project, as do the Ayalon highway, the Tel-Aviv Center train
station, and the future urban train.

The tower features an impressive design by architect Moshe Tzur, 38 story-tall, with glass entrance and small pools that surround it. A doorman is ready to serve the residents at the lobby, which includes a sitting area, a gym and a garden.

Time Tower apartments are carefully planned, with incredible urban landscape, and a wide variety of features. The project offers 3, 4 and 5 room apartments.

The tower has been built according to environmental-friendly guidelines.

Major Technical Specs

The company shall be legally bound solely by the specifications and plans specified in the sales contract signed by the company and purchaser. The elements mentioned here are not binding

Environmental Specs

  • Water supply cleaning system which reduces scale
  • Smart house infrastructure which provides central lighting
  • Isolating glass in living room display window and apartment windows, except for bathrooms

Major Apartment Specs

  • 80/80 porcelain flooring in the living room, kitchen and bedrooms
  • Bathroom wall covers in a variety of colors
  • Designed apartment door
  • Laminato inner doors in different colors
  • Quality kitchen cupboards from top manufacturers
  • Cesar Stone platform in the kitchen
  • Acrylic or stainless steel kitchen sink, in flat installation
  • Bathroom cupboards and a bath with integral sink
  • Hanging toilet seats with hidden water tank
  • Brand-name water taps
  • Brand-name electric products
  • Triple-phase electricity connection for the entire apartment
  • Interwater central air-conditioning
  • Phone and television hotspot in each bedroom
  • Intercom TV with a color screen at each apartment and an audio connection at the parents' bedroom
  • Apartments are home cinema ready
Major Technical Specs


If you've always dreamed of a big house with a big balcony for your family, our projects are for you. Each apartment is a high-quality structure which provides a great living environment.
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