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Reserve Towers Dreams
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Reserve Towers Dreams

A luxury complex , front line to the sea 

Project Location

Did you know that…
Did you know that…
The  private spa building is now open, offers you a gym, a swimming pool and a tenant's club 

The City and its Surroundings

Each city has its own unique surroundings, and here you can learn about Netanya

Explore the City


בעיר מרכזי בילוי ופנאי – קניון עיר ימים, מרכזי הקניות והבילוי במתחם "איקיאה" ומרכזים נוספים בסביבתו

Shopping Centers

The city has many shopping centers, including the Ir Yamim mall and the Ikea compound.
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
קירבה מיידית לכביש החוף נגישות לכבישים 4 ו-6 וקירבה לתחנת הרכבת בבית יהושוע


Netanya offers easy access to the Coast Road and to Routes 4 and 6, as well as to the Beit Yehoshua train station.
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה
תמונה לגלריה


Both the Netanya College and the Wingate Sport Institute operate in the city.
The City and its Surroundings
About the ProjectIllustration only

About the Project

Watch the video to get a taste of the project's experience
The project's three towers overlook the sea, and are connected in a series of structures that include the pavilion (with a doorman) , the swimming pool, the gym, a spa and a residents room.

The project offers 4 and 5 room apartments, lofts, mini penthouses and penthouses.

The project's excellent location is close to the Ir Yamim mall, to sport and entertainment facilities, and to the beach. The Wingate Institute, the Netanya college and the Ikea compound are just a short drive away. Due to the proximity to the Coast Road, the neighborhood is only 20 minutes drive away from Tel Aviv. The project also offers easy access to Routes 4 and 6 and the Beit Yehoshua train station.

Major Technical Specs

The company shall be legally bound solely by the specifications and plans specified in the sales contract signed by the company and purchaser. The elements mentioned here are not binding

Environmental Specs

  • Economic air conditioning
  • Water supply cleaning system which reduces scale
  • Water savers in water taps
  • Gas water heating systems (except for floors 23,24); electric water heating system ready
  • Gardening area, with environmental-friendly plants
  • Protective Front 5 (above the entrance pavilion)
  • Trash recycling
  • Economic lighting
  • Natural ventilation at the parking garage
  • Air condition and drinking water recycling
  • Grown trees in garden areas

Major Apartment Specs

  • Intercom TV with a color screen at the apartment's entrance offering control of 3 lighting cycles which is also alarm-control ready
  • 60*60 porcelain flooring in the living room, kitchen and passages
  • Home cinema ready (four amplifiers)
  • Phone and television spots in each room
  • Rolling electric shutter in the living room and all bedrooms except for safe space
  • Quality kitchen cupboard which includes a high built-in unit
  • Acrylic kitchen sink in flat installation
  • Cesar Stone platform in the kitchen
  • Bathroom cupboard
  • Two parking spots for each apartment
  • Storage room for some of the apartments
Major Technical Specs


If you've always dreamed of a big house with a big balcony for your family, our projects are for you. Each apartment is a high-quality structure which provides a great living environment.
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