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Design Plus

About the Project

The new design center, first of its kind in the south of israel, will offer design exhibits that will include: Styling, furniture, lighting and textile. This will allow customers to find all their exterior and interior design needs under one roof.
In addition to including all the top labels in design, the center will offer free lectures. Providing our visitors with new design information that they can utilize on their own.
Furthermore, the professional teams and individuals that visit the center can use our architecture hall that will provide a working space and an opportunity to meet with fellow designers and costumers. The hall will be equpit with computers and design technology free of charge.
The center will intermittently host conferences that will present new design concepts and updates in design.

The center that was opened in 2010 operated under the name " hashdera hashviit" and is located on 16,500 square meters and is owned by Shikoon and binoi real estate and the fund hairt Sela Capitol real estate.

The center is changing its concept to adapt to the changing climate in the world of design and the need for a design center the south area of israel.
The center will provide a upscale, high end and modern variety of designs options that will be open for both all customers and professional consumers.
We invite all people in the local area to come visit and enjoy the new center!

An example of some of the labels that will be presented in the center: Baytili, Urban, Natuchi, Nicoleti, Shomrat Hazorea, Zaga Pinot Ochel and more